Polar Vortex Driving Utility Bills Up?

Frigid temperatures brought on by the recent polar vortex have left people across the country shivering, buried under several feet of snow, and wondering how they will pay their sky high utility bills. As you are well aware, living in Ohio in the winter presents many challenges. In order to keep warm, your heater is probably working overtime. While a constant burst of warm air keeps you and your family comfortable, it also means you must pay a hefty bill at the end of each month. If money is already tight, any type of extra expense can quickly blow your budget. Although it is wise to set aside some extra funds to account for the cold weather, it is often not a realistic option. As a result, when you are in a pinch, it is important to consider other ways to get quick cash. A secure, short term loan such as a car title loan may be just the solution you have been looking for!

Get a Car Title Loan to Afford Your Utility Bills

If you need some extra cash to afford your utility bills, a car title loan allows you to access your funds within as little as 24 hours. In other words, you can apply online today and pick up your money tomorrow. This short term financing option is based upon the current market value of your vehicle. When you fill out the application for title loans in Dayton, you will be asked to provide your car’s year, make, model, and estimated mileage. Since your title is used to secure your cash advance, a credit check is not required. You can be approved with good, bad, or nonexistent credit. Auto title loans are available even if you have previously filed for bankruptcy.

Car title loans offer the following benefits:

  • The ability to keep your car while you pay off the loan
  • Hundreds of locations throughout Ohio
  • Flexible payment plans that cater to your needs
  • Never get charged additional fees for paying off your title loan ahead of time

With flexible repayment plans and the lowest interest rates in town, you will not find a faster or easier way to borrow money. You will receive a free pre-approval estimate as soon as you submit your information, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and see how much you qualify for.

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