5 Myths about Car Title Lending

Friday, February 7th, 2014

There are many myths about car title lending, but we are here to set the record straight. From sky high interest rates to inflexible payment plans, we have heard it all! However, as you have probably learned from an early age, don’t believe everything you hear. Allow us to debunk some of the most common title loan misconceptions.

Title loans require a credit check – A credit check is a major part of almost every loan option, but not title loans. The absence of a credit check means you can be approved with good, bad, or nonexistent credit. The approval process for car title loans is lightning fast. You can apply today and collect your cash within as little as 24 hours. If your credit score has held you back from getting the money you need, take advantage of a bad credit title loan today.

Title lenders keep your car – This is probably the biggest misconception when it comes to car title loans. Many people are worried that they will need to relinquish control of their auto and will not be able to drive. In reality, the opposite is true. You will be asked to temporarily hand over your title as collateral, but not your car. You can continue to get to and from important destinations while you pay off your title loan. Once you have paid in full, your title will be returned.

Auto title loan repayment plans are inflexible – If you think your auto title loan repayment plan will be inflexible, think again! A majority of title lenders allow you to take as long as 42 months to pay, so you should have plenty of time to find your financial footing. If money is particularly tight one month and you need to adjust your schedule, lenders are usually willing to work with you. In addition, there are no prepayment penalties. You can pay ahead of schedule without worrying about any negative consequences.

Car title loans have high interest rates – Interest rates are important when it comes to any type of borrowing option. Although some title loan companies have adopted predatory lending methods, we set ourselves apart by offering the lowest interest rates in the industry. In fact, we will match any competitors’ rate. A car title loan should be a helpful tool – not an additional financial burden. Your monthly payments will align with your current abilities.

You must fill out an extensive application to get a title loan – No one enjoys filling out a stack of paperwork and undergoing a financial examination. When you apply for a title loan, you can do so from the comfort of your own home. The online nature of our business allows you to submit your contact and car information via the form on our website. You will immediately receive a free quote and be contacted by a car title loan specialist. He or she will finalize the remaining details and connect you with a trusted lender in your area. You can collect your cash in hours and drive off in the very same vehicle you used to get your loan.

Take a Winter Vacation: Car Title Loans

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

If you are sick and tired of the frigid temperatures in Dayton, Ohio, you are probably dreaming about escaping to a tropical destination. When the temperature dips below zero and your car closely resembles an icicle on wheels, you know it’s time to get away. Imagine yourself lying on the warm, sandy beach with a cool drink in your hand and not a care in the world. The palm trees gently sway in the wind and you feel the hot sun warm your face. But how can you afford a last-minute vacation if you are struggling to pay your bills on time? Car title loans in Dayton to the rescue! You can use your title as collateral and receive a loan in as little as 24 hours. There are no hoops to jump through and no red tape to contend with, so the application process is incredibly easy. Once you fill out the single form from any computer or smart phone, you will receive a free pre-approval quote and be one step closer to your dream getaway.

These are the three easy steps to getting the cash you crave:

  • Submit the online application and review your free title loan estimate
  • Speak with a specialist to finalize the remaining details
  • Collect your cash from a convenient location within Ohio

Short Term Loans with Flexible Repayment

Title loans are short term loans with flexible repayment schedules. There is no need to worry – you won’t need to repay your loan as quickly as you received it. In fact, a majority of our lenders allow you to take as long as 42 months. You will have plenty of time to make your monthly payments once you return from your enviable vacation. We can customize your schedule to fit your needs, so you will be able to pay your loan in full without facing a financial burden. When you get cash for your title, you will also receive the lowest interest rates around. We do everything in our power to accommodate our valued customers, because our title loans are not “one size fits all.”

Title Loans are Ideal for People with Bad Credit

Title loans are ideal for people with bad credit, because a credit check is not required! Yes, you read that correctly. Bad credit, good credit, no credit – we accept it all! We can even help you finance your dream vacation if you have bankruptcy on file. The absence of a credit check means you can access your cash faster than ever. When you apply at a bank, you frequently need to wait for days for your paperwork to be processed. Bad credit title loans can be funded in a matter of hours – the perfect amount of time to find last-minute airfare at a great price! If you are ready to escape Mother Nature and find bliss in the tropics, use the funds from a no credit check loan to finance a vacation.

Melt Away Your Winter Blues With a Title Loan

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Winter can be a particularly brutal time of year. When temperatures begin to dip into the single digits and snow blankets the ground, it can be difficult to muster the motivation to get out of bed – let alone do anything else.

However, the holiday season occurs during winter, so there are presents to buy, New Year’s Eve plans to make, and maybe even a tropical vacation to plan. All of these wintry events are full of magic and excitement, but they can also cause your bank account to suffer.

To make matters worse, many people take time off from work during the holidays. If you are using unpaid vacation days, a lack of income can make it difficult to afford any type of additional expense.

How can you participate in fun wintertime activities without digging yourself into a financial sinkhole? The answer is quite simple. Take out a car title loan in Dayton!

car title loans online

Get through the holiday season with a car title loan from Dayton Title Loans.

Cash for Title Loans in Ohio

Over the past decade, cash for title loans has become an increasingly popular borrowing option for Ohio residents. Since you can be approved with no credit check, there is no need to wait around for your paperwork to be processed. You can be approved and collect your money within a matter of hours.

Title loans online only require a quick application. You can complete the form within a minute and instantly receive a pre-approval estimate. From the very beginning, you will have an idea of where you stand.

An auto title loan is a great way to get money immediately and avoid the hassles at a bank or credit union. Forget the long lines and mountain of paperwork – you can apply from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Submit the online title loans application at your earliest convenience
  2. Speak with a loan specialist and finalize the remaining details
  3. Travel to a store in your area and collect your cash

Many people have already used their title loan funds to cover a Christmas shopping expedition or airfare for an island getaway. If you need to supplement your income this winter, do not hesitate to give us a call and speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

With the help of a bad credit title loan online, you can be lying on the beach and sipping a fruity drink in no time. Start planning your winter fun today!